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General Information for Users

Postby admin » Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:09 pm

Aloha Welcome to Cacao Talkin', a forum devoted to growing cacao, making chocolate, and related issues, particularly as those issues are pertinent to Hawaii.

This board is, and will remain, free to users. Users' privacy is a priority. A link to the Privacy Policy may be found at the top of each page. The bottom line is we do all we can to protect your personal information and will not disclose it to anyone else except per the terms of the Privacy Policy, and we will not use your contact information to spam you. A link to the board Terms and Conditions of Use may also be found at the top of each page and contains some general rules to keep discussions productive.

Many elements of the board may seem primitive, especially compared to other online forums. To keep the board free for users, we use open source software which is free to us. We will attempt to add features and functionality, but will be limited by the software, time, and the knowledge of the computer amateurs behind the board.

The FAQ have a lot of information helpful to users. That link also appears near the top of the screen.

To spot new posts, look at the symbol to the left of the topic name. If there are no unread posts under that topic, the symbol will be blue. If someone has posted something that you have not read, it will turn red as shown below. You may need to be logged in and have cookies enabled for this site to see this feature.


One thing that can confuse people is use of the BBCode to put more than just words in a post. Information on using this may be found at

We may not see every post on the board. If you feel that anyone is being abusive toward another user, unreasonably vulgar, is posting spam unrelated to the purposes of this board, or otherwise is violating the Terms and Conditions of Use, please report the post by clicking on the exclamation point [!] icon located in the upper right of the post box.

If you have suggestions for additional Topics or ways in which the board might be made more useful, or have a question not covered by the FAQ, please use the Contact Us link near the bottom of each page. Likewise if some part of the board appears not to be working correctly please let us know.

If you have not already done so, please register as a user and subscribe to the forums and topics. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to subscribe to all forums with a couple clicks of your mouse. To subscribe to forums, go into each individually and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find a light green bar that includes a link labeled "Subscribe forum." You need to click on that link. When you have done that, it will change to read "Unsubscribe forum." If you find that as the board becomes more active you are receiving more email notifications of new posts than you would like, you can always change your subscriptions.

We hope that you find Cacao Talkin' to be helpful, informative, and a friendly place to share information. Mahalo.

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