East Hawaii Cacao Association members' section - Registration

This section of the EHCA website is open to current members of the association. To access it requires registration separate from the Cacao Talkin' forum registration. After you submit your registration, the board administrator will confirm eligibility and notify you when your access has been approved. It is necessary that you provide the name under which your EHCA membership is registered so your eligibility may be confirmed. Your name will not be visible to other people viewing this section.

Anyone whose dues have lapsed may have their access suspended until dues are current.

In this section you will find information designed especially for members including back issues of the EHCA newsletter, upcoming special events, exclusive information on growing and processing cacao and making chocolate, information on markets for products, and the governing documents of EHCA.

This section is not intended to be a place for discussions among members -- the Cacao Talkin' forum is the place for that -- so members' access is limited to reading the documents posted here, at least for the present. If you have information you think would be appropriate for dissemination to the EHCA membership, please contact the administrator or any of the EHCA officers.